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6 Tips for Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Does your child appear to be suffering from tooth decay or damage to their precious pearly whites? If you are not careful, simple substances such as sugary drinks in their baby bottles can damage their teeth in a process known as baby bottle tooth decay. Listed below are six tips for preventing baby bottle tooth decay:

– Keep bottles away from your child as they snooze so that liquid does not pool in their mouth.

– Children begin to have their first teeth erupt above the surface of the gums around 6 months old. When the teeth begin to appear, brush and care for them on a daily basis to prevent baby bottle tooth decay.

– The ideal amount of toothpaste to be used for children under three should be about the size of a rice grain, and should never contain fluoride.

– If you are supplying your child with sugary drinks, such as soda or sugar water, you greatly increase their risk for baby bottle tooth decay.

– Honey or other sweet substances used atop baby bottles to encourage your child to drink from their bottle should always be avoided.

– Never share products from your mouth to your child’s mouth that have not been completely sanitized. This includes pacifiers, bottles, and brushes, as they can all transfer new bacteria from your mouth to your child’s.

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