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How to Protect Your Smile from the Effects of Dental Erosion

Do you know how to protect your smile from the effects of dental erosion? Do you take the necessary steps to keep your teeth safe from those dangers both visible and invisible? Protecting your teeth begins with protecting your tooth enamel. This includes keeping up with daily oral health hygiene habits and exercising caution with high-risk activities.

If you do not keep your teeth protected, dental erosion can occur. When this happens, your tooth enamel is weakened and stripped away. This exposes the inner workings of your teeth, including your dentin and your root. Within your tooth’s root lies the pulp. If bacteria reaches the pulp, it can become infected and lead to tooth loss. Keeping your pulp safe means keeping your tooth enamel intact.

Avoid eating foods that are high in sugar or highly acidic. Bacteria can actually turn sugars in your mouth into harmful acids capable of eating through tooth enamel. Other foods that are already highly acidic, such as tomatoes and citrus fruits, are acidic enough to damage to your teeth. Never eat acidic foods as snacks. Instead, eat as part of a larger meal to help neutralize their effects. Saliva within our mouths plays a large role in neutralizing acids.

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