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Nail Biting: What You Should Know

Do you have a nervous habit? For example, do you tend to bite your nails or know anybody who chews on their nails? While giving into this habit may not seem like a serious problem, would you be interested in learning that biting your nails could eventually lead to a number of serious oral health issues? In fact, biting your nails may actually damage your pearly whites.

In reality, this habit of nail biting will eventually wear down your pearly whites unevenly. If you do chew your nails regularly, it could lead to grinding your teeth. This can ultimately lead to losing teeth prematurely. Nail biting can also cause fractures in your teeth. Furthermore, did you know that nail biting can impact your overall health? You see, your overall health and the health of your mouth are connected, and your nails are an extremely dirty part of your hand. In other words, chewing on your nails could introduce bad bacteria to your mouth. This might ultimately affect your oral health. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions you can try to stop biting your nails.

However, you may be interested in learning that chewing gum is another habit that might eventually damage your teeth. This is especially true if you use gum that has sugar in it. Chewing gum could actually train you to grind your teeth, or could make your teeth grinding worse. However, there are a number of benefits to chewing gum. You see, saliva carries plaque, food particles, and bacteria away from your pearly whites, and chewing gum will also promote saliva production.

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