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The Risks of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer can affect almost anyone, although if you participate in certain activities or bad diet habits you automatically make yourself more vulnerable to this disease.

To help you avoid oral cancer, and explain more about it, we’ve put together this list of things that cause it and how you can avoid it.

Tobacco and alcohol use

Use of either alcohol or tobacco puts you at much higher risk for oral cancer than almost anything else. The tobacco use is a pretty obvious cause, but most people are surprised to learn alcohol can contribute. If you drink socially, it shouldn’t be an issue, but if you’re a heavy drinker it could cause problems.

Bad diet

Your diet isn’t just key to staying in shape and looking great. It’s also a huge part of your oral and systemic health. If your diet is low in fruits and vegetables, your mouth isn’t getting the nutrients it needs. This can lead to gum disease, or in extreme cases, oral cancer.

What are the signs?

Some signs of oral cancer include white or red patches in your mouth, difficulty moving your jaw or tongue, lumps in the back of your throat, or pain in one ear that’s not accompanied by hearing loss. If you have any of these symptoms, you should see Dr. Dr. Lois Lee immediately to make sure it’s not cancer.

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