Are Short Teeth Common?

Short teeth are a cosmetic issue that either involves the teeth of a patient being smaller than normal or appearing smaller than they should be. If you have short teeth, you may be wondering whether or not this is a common condition and what can be done to address it.

Below is more information about the causes of short teeth, whether or not they are common, and what restorative methods may be available.

The Causes of Short Teeth

There are different circumstances that can lead to short teeth. Below are three of the most common reasons for short teeth:

* Genetics. Genetics are a common cause of short teeth. Microdontia is a genetic issue that leads to the development of short teeth. While this condition can’t be avoided, there are certain things that can be done to address the shorter teeth that have developed.
* Wear. There are a couple of conditions that can lead to your teeth wearing down over time. These include bruxism and acid reflux. With acid reflux, your stomach acid makes its way up your throat and can reach your teeth. This can greatly damage your teeth and lead to them eroding. Bruxism involves a patient grinding or clenching their teeth. While it can happen during the day, it often happens at night. This can make it tricky to diagnose. Both of these conditions can be treated, though.
* Excess gum tissue. Your teeth and gums may have developed in a way that led to excess gum tissue forming. While this doesn’t make your teeth shorter, it can make them appear shorter.


Microdontia is a medical condition in which some or all of the teeth of a patient develop shorter than normal or appear shorter. The three main types of microdontia include:

* Localized. Localized is the most common form of microdontia. With localized microdontia, the patient may have one shorter tooth or a few shorter teeth.
* True generalized. True generalized microdontia is the rarest form. This condition involves all of the teeth of a patient being smaller.
* Relative generalized. If a patient’s jawbone protrudes forward or is excessively large, the teeth may appear shorter.

Are Short Teeth Common?

Short teeth aren’t extremely common but there are certain short teeth conditions that are more common than others. For instance, localized microdontia is more common than true generalized microdontia. Just because short teeth aren’t very common, though, doesn’t mean there aren’t treatment options available.

Can Short Teeth Be Fixed?

Yes. There are treatment options for short teeth available to many patients. Below are some of the most common treatment options to address short teeth:

* Dental veneers
* Gum contouring
* Dental bonding
* Dental crowns

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