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Emergency Dentist

The dictionary definition of an emergency is a combination of circumstances that you were not prepared for that resulted in a call for immediate action. An emergency is not always health related. Often times it is related to unforeseen weather events. A flooding river or an oncoming tornado. When it comes to emergency dentistry it is a situation that is out of the ordinary that needs very quick attention. Urgent dental care is one in the same. A state or situation that requires immediate action or attention. One could say that an emergency or a sense of urgency changes one’s priorities, pushing that issue to the top of the list. Let’s take a look at emergency dentistry, or urgent dental care.

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Accident that Required Urgent Dentistry

The definition of an emergency, which we touched on earlier, is as subjective as the level of pain tolerance each and every one of us are able to tolerate. First and foremost, if you have an accident that involves trauma to your mouth you should take some immediate action. Think of the little accidents that don’t involve a police report. A sporting event that knocks out a tooth. An accident with a power tool in the backyard that damages a tooth or cuts your mouth. These happen every day and they don’t need to involve a car, truck or motorcycle accident. Tumbling down the stairs or tripping on a toddler’s toy in the kitchen and you hit your mouth on the kitchen counter. Make the call to your dental office, leave a message and tell them you need emergency dentistry as soon as possible. If there is severe trauma you can head to the emergency room and they will bring in an oral specialist.

Other Conditions for Emergency Dentist

Again pain and the situation is relative to everyone. If you feel like calling the dental office then that is all that matters and the office will consider your situation an urgent one. Some of the issues that could arise that would lead to emergency dentistry is you have developed a throbbing in your mouth that has escalated into pain. You may have a nasty cut or some form of trauma to your gums, tongue or one of your cheeks. As mentioned earlier, you might have knocked out a tooth or you find a tooth that is loose and it is concerning you. And of course, that unusual accident that you couldn’t see coming.

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Benefits of Emergency Dentistry

Each and every case is unique. That throbbing tooth, the sensitivity that won’t allow you to touch it, or the swelling that you can barely see, might be something deeper that your dentist can address immediately with emergency dentistry. That toothache might be the result of extensive decay that has gone too far. Or gum disease from an excessive amount of plaque and tartar because you hate getting your teeth cleaned and you’re just not very good with twice daily brushing. It might be a chipped or cracked tooth that can be quickly bonded in the office to cover the sensitive surface. This might be either a temporary or permanent solution. A quick x-ray might show a damaged tooth or root that an examination doesn’t readily show. Even though all parties want to keep your natural teeth healthy for life your situation might result in an extraction to remove a damaged tooth that cannot be restored. Once your pain is relieved a replacement option can be discussed such as a bridge, implant or even a denture. If the x-ray and exam determine the tooth is infected and is causing you excruciating pain medication and antibiotics can be administered until a root canal can be performed. All of these are emergency dentistry situations, or urgent dental care scenarios.

Simple First Aid Prior To Emergency Dentist

Some of the things you can do at home to address your dental situation prior to seeing your dentist for possibly emergency dentistry is the following. If you have swelling you can use a cold compress on the area that is affected. A bag of ice or a bag of frozen peas for 20 minutes can help with the discomfort and possibly reduce the swelling. If you have bleeding from a cut, abrasion or laceration you can apply gentle pressure to the wound using something like a sterile gauze. Facial cuts bleed more readily than wounds or cuts on your body due to the number of blood vessels at the surface. Be patient and continue the pressure. If you can’t get it to stop bleeding it may take a trip to the emergency room to get some medical assistance. If you are experiencing pain such as a severe tooth ache head to the store and get some over the counter pain reliever. Pay attention to the directions on the package and don’t take too much. Sometimes you can actually place the pill against the sore in your mouth, next to the troubling tooth or gum. Clove oil is also something that can be applied topically for some immediate relief. Something that does happen is folks can lose a restoration like a filling. You can grab some denture adhesive or even use sugar free gum to hold a loose crown or bridge in place until you can be seen. If you have knocked a tooth out, once you settle down from the incident simply rinse your mouth out as well as the tooth. Put the tooth into a glass of milk and bring it into the office with you. Any and all of these symptoms necessitate a call to your dental office to schedule an urgent dental care visit for possibly some emergency dentistry.

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