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About Ballard, Seattle, WA


The rich history of Ballard, Washington dates back several centuries to the time when the Shilshole Tribe lived in the region. They thrived on the abundance of salmon and natural resources the land along the bay had to offer. In 1853, the first European settler moved into the region. His name was Ira Wilcox Utter. He made a claim that he hoped would pay off by a rapid population growth in the area, but he was unfortunately a little too early and a little too impatient. When he didn’t see the return he hoped his investment would promise, he sold to Thomas Burke who
patiently waited for over 30 years until the time was right. Burke worked with several others to help usher in the Great Northern Railway, which caused the population of Seattle to explode. One of Burke’s partners, William Ballard, lost a coin flip and ended up with the land that no one wanted when the partnership dissolved. Fortunately for him, the railway decided to end on his land instead of continuing on to his old partner’s land. This meant that all settlers coming to Seattle ended their journey in what would someday become the city of Ballard. They then continued
southward on foot or wagon to Seattle. The population of the community exploded at this time as well.

As the growth continued, the community ran into issues with water management. This eventually led to the city being annexed by Seattle in 1907 like many other neighboring communities. Throughout the 20 th century, the community’s population continued to grow along with Seattle’s. The location of the community near the bay and the railroad was attractive to industry and many jobs moved into the area. Most notably was the fishing jobs primarily dominated by Scandinavian immigrants. Their mark on the community can still be seen today.


The population continues to grow today. In the last 10 years, the community has added over 20 major apartment complexes and increased its population substantially. The community benefits from its location to Seattle’s city center. Although, the population and industry in the community makes it a formidable city center itself.

Things to do

The community is home to several attractions that are not as touristy as the rest of Seattle’s waterfront. The Scandinavian heritage of the community is on display at all times. The restaurants serve traditional Scandinavian dishes and the locals have their own unique vocabulary and accent. A great place to take in this heritage is the Nordic Heritage Museum. This is also a great community to experience the water, in many ways. For one, the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks are located in Ballard. These locks have an underground viewing area where visitors can watch the salmon return upstream and make their way up the ladders. The community is also the center of Seattle’s maritime industry so fishing is huge. This is one of the best locations for fresh seafood.

Ultimately, if you can’t find it in the community, the heart of Seattle is just minutes away. All of the city’s main attractions such as the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Seattle Art Museum, and countless others are only a short drive away.

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