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  • Gum Treatment
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Children's Dentistry

About Bothell, WA


The history of the area that is now Bothell, Washington goes back thousands of years. Artifacts have been found in the area that date to 10,000 years ago when native tribes of people hunted and fished along the Puget Sound. The most recent known groups of such people to inhabit the area before European settlement were the Sammamish people. They lived there until the Puget Sound War in 1856, at which point they were relocated to reservations and settlement began. The first European settlers to the area were Columbus Greenleaf and George Wilson in 1870.

Over the next few years, a few others families followed. Like most cities in the region, logging was a primary factor in settlement. In 1876 a Canadian named George Brackett bough land in the area and began logging. The logging camp was what is today downtown Bothell. Ten years later, Brackett sold land to David Bothell who later sold the land to the town’s first postmaster. He in turn, named the town in David’s honor. In 1909, the town was officially incorporated. Its location on the Sammamish River, gave it an advantage over other towns in the area. Logging companies used the river to ship timber and boat traffic brought many visitors and would be settlers to the area. Also like other communities in the area, when the logging industry began to decline in the early 1900’s, the economy switched to agricultural. Luckily the soil in the region was prime for growing crops. The population boomed after World War 2 from around 1,000 to 30,000. The town benefited from the railroads that flooded the area and its proximity to Seattle.


Bothell spent most of its history as a town where Seattle’s workers lived. However this began to change in the 1990’s. The city saw an increase in high technology jobs, such as software development and biotechnology. Today the city is a regional center for this sector. The University of Washington even opened a campus and research center in the heart of the city. In 2010 the city set its sights on redeveloping the downtown with a $150 million investment. This redevelopment suffered a setback in 2016 when a large fire broke out in downtown causing damage to many buildings. The city has continued on however and hopes to have the redevelopment completed soon with state aid to rebuild from the fire. The current population is 33,500 people and the population is trending upward each year.

Things to do

Bothell benefits from its proximity to Seattle and the greater Seattle metropolitan region for things to do. The city is home to several attractions itself though. There are multiple festivals held throughout the year here, including Riverfest, HarvestFestival, Tree Lighting Festival, and an Arts & Crafts Fair. The city is also home to numerous parks that range from sporting activity fields to nature walks. Its location to water also makes it a watersport and fishing destination. Top on the list of boat rentals is Whats SUP. Recently, the region has come to be known for its microbreweries and distilleries as well. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the city itself, you are sure to find it in the surrounding region.

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