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About Edmonds, WA


Edmonds, Washington is city located just north of Seattle in Snohomish County. The history of the region dates back centuries before Europeans began moving into the area for the rich logging and fishing industries that would develop. Back then the, Suquamish people used the abundance of natural resources located along the many bays and rivers to survive. European settlers didn’t begin coming to the area until the mid 1800’s. Logging was a budding industry in the region and the lure to the west drove many settlers into the area of Puget Sound to try their hands at life in the wilderness.

George Brackett accidentally discovered the land that would later become Edmonds in 1870. He was out in a canoe and was blown ashore in the location that would later become the community. Over the next 20 years, the town would grow and eventually in 1890 become incorporated. In 1891, the Great Northern Railway connected the community with the rest of the country. Prior to this, the only real way in or out was by boat, which kept industry from moving in. Once the railroad arrived, industries were able to ship goods East and the region began to thrive.


Today the population is almost 41,000 people, making it one of Seattle’s larger suburbs. The population growth of the city is about 1% per year. The community still makes good use of its location to water. The Washington State Ferries has a port there. The community also makes good use of its location to Seattle. Residents can easily live in Edmonds and commute 15 miles to the city center of the metropolitan area.

Things to do

Water tops the list of the things to do. There are 4 beaches in the city that are all bustling and busy during the summer months. Meadowdale Beach Park and Richmond Beach Saltwater Park are two of the most popular. Both offer trails and beach access. The location to Puget Sound means that whale watching and fishing are major attractions as well. The nature that the Pacific Northwest is known for is always at your fingertips. There are several guided walking, kayaking, and boat tours located in the community. The community is also home to several parks and recreational spots that are great for relaxing or having fun with the family. There are a few museums located in the community as well. For history lovers there is the Historical Museum. This museum has gone to great lengths to preserve the history of the area dating back to before European arrival. There is also the Cascadia Art Museum and Cole Gallery, which are great places to take in local artists’ work.

If you can’t find what you are looking for in Edmonds, you are only a short drive away from all that Seattle has to offer. On your way south towards Seattle you will find the Discovery Park and the Woodlands Park Zoo. Both are great places to go with kids. You will also find the Space Needle and the Pike Place Market easily accessible. This makes the city a great place to stay or live while still being able to enjoy the larger metropolitan area.

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