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About Freemont, Seattle, WA

Once a city on its own, Freemont is a now a neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Located in the northwest part of the city, the neighborhood runs next to the "Freemont Cut", a part of the Lake Washington Ship Canal. The neighborhood is just north of and across the canal from the famous affluent neighborhood of Queen Anne. The Aurora Bridge and the Freemont Bridge connect the neighborhood to Queen Anne. The total area of the neighborhood is only .89 square miles.


Freemont was annexed and became a part of Seattle in 1891. The town had been named after the hometown, Freemont, Nebraska, of the town’s two founders. The community is known for once being the center of major counterculture movements. In opposition to mainstream culture, the Beat movement in the1940s and 50s and the hippie subculture in the 70s were major counterculture movements in the United States that have left their mark on communities. Residents of the neighborhood have been referring to the community as the “center of the universe” since the beginning of the 1970s. This slogan also appears on a large welcome sign in the neighborhood. Even though much of the counterculture influences are no longer, the neighborhood is still home to a famous Vladimir Lenin statue. Since it was brought to the community by a local art lover in 1989 after the fall of the soviet communist government, the statue has been somewhat controversial. The neighborhood is also home to the great Freemont Troll, an 18-foot tall sculpture of a troll. The sculpture is made of concrete and depicts the troll crushing a full-size Volkswagen Beetle. The sculpture was created in 1990 and is located under the north end of the Aurora Bridge.


Freemont has become much more gentrified in recent years, but has held tight to its unique identity. All around the neighborhood the culture of the community can be felt through signs and art providing reminders to locals and visitors to: "set your watch back five minutes," "set your watch forward five minutes," and "throw your watch away." Throughout the year, there are several highly popular annual events in the community, all sponsored by the Freemont Arts Council. Of these, the Summer Solstice Parade & Pageant, has made Freemont well known for the nude Solstice Cyclists who take part in the parade. Another popular and well attended event is the annual Troll-a-ween. The Freemont branch of the Seattle Public Library was the first library in the city of Seattle. The library itself goes back past the 1891 annexation of the neighborhood, but the building was built in 1921. Besides the library, Freemont is home to the B.F. Day Elementary school, the longest operating school in the Seattle School District. The school was founded in 1892.

Fremont has three small public parks, including Fremont Peak Park, Ross Park and Playground, and A.B. Ernst Park which sits next to the local library. Just north of the Lake Washington Ship Canal, the Burke-Gilman Trail is a multi-use trail loved by local outdoor enthusiasts that passes through the neighborhood.

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