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About Redmond, WA


The history of the region surrounding what is today the town of Redmond, Washington goes back at least 10,000 years. Native Americans had called this land home going back that long and they continued to live there as European settlers began arriving in the 1870’s. Luke McRedmond was the first European to file a claim under the Homestead Act for land along the Sammamish Slough in the region. McRedmond’s claim was soon followed by another claim from Warren Perrigo. The initially called the settlement Salmonberg because the rivers and streams in the area were packed full of salmon. As word got out of the abundance in the area, more settlers began arriving. In 1881, a post office was established and the name of the town was changed to Melrose after the inn owned by Perrigo, the Melrose Inn. McRedmond was not happy about this and so he began an effort to change the name. He became postmaster in 1883 and through this position he successfully petitioned to change the name of the community to what it is known as today. The town benefitted from abundance from the beginning. Settlers to the area, thrived on salmon and timber, both of which were in great supply. In 1889 the Seattle Lake Shore & Eastern Railway built a station in the middle of town connecting the loggers and fisherman to a lucrative market. The town was officially incorporated in 1912. Things went well for the town until the early 1920s when the timber industry suffered due to over-logging. Luckily for residents the now bare land that had been stripped of its timber was well suited for farming. Agriculture quickly took over as the city’s number one business. The city went through a large period of growth in the 1950’s as towns began filling in between it and Seattle. In 1978, the city was the fastest growing city in Washington.


Today Redmond is home to Microsoft Corporation and Nintendo of America, along with many other high-tech companies. Microsoft is the number one employer in the city, employing roughly 35,000 people. The city benefits from being so close to Seattle. Commuters can easily live in the town and work in the city. The population of the city is roughly 54,000 people. In 2015, SpaceX and Hyperloop Genesis announced that they would be opening facilities in the town, thus furthering the city’s high-tech industry.

Things to do

Redmond is known as the “Bicycle Capital of the Northwest”. Every year the city hosts a bicycle race through its streets that began in 1939. This race has turned into a multi-day community festival now that is held in July. In addition, the city is home to the only velodrome in the state. The arts are also important to the community. The Eastside Symphony and Second Story Repertory Theater all call the town home. In addition the old firehouse was converted into a center for the local music scene. Local teens flock to this center to hear local bands and speakers. The town also hosts the annual Concerts at Marymoor. This music fest takes place at the amphitheater located in Marymoor Park and has drawn many big name acts over the years. On Saturdays, the oldest farmer’s market in the region takes place near the town center and should not be missed.

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