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About West Lake Stevens, WA

Located to the north of Seattle in Snohomish County, West Lake Stevens was a small lakeside community. With a population that was continuing to grow and reached 18,000 at one point, the town is no longer a census-designated place after it was annexed into the City of Lake Stevens. The annexing of the community occurred in 2006 after a community-driven campaign called “One Community Around the Lake”.


Prior to the annexing, West Lake Stevens had a long and rich history. The shores of the lake were first settled in 1886, and it didn’t take long until small towns began to pop up along the lakeshore, including the first town, “Ferry”. Ferry was later renamed “Hartford”. Fifteen years later the Rucker Brothers Timber Company built a rail line linking Hartford with Lake Stevens. The community became home to the Rucker Mill in 1907. Rucker Mill became known as the "world's largest sawmill". After several files, the mill was closed in 1925 and the Lake Stevens community lost the milling industry it was founded upon. Though the origin is unknown, it is believed that the lake is named after Governor Isaac I. Stevens

West Lake Stevens continued to grow and flourish as it became a popular resort community between the 1920s and 1950s. Tourists and residents enjoyed the public and private resort beaches that filled the lakeshore. The beauty of the Lake Stevens area combined with the growing Seattle metropolitan area made the community a perfect location for commuters to the city. The population of the lake shore communities grew dramatically. In 2005, the "One Community Around the Lake" movement lead to the merging of these various lake shore communities as the unincorporated areas within the Urban Growth Area were brought into the city limits of Lake Stevens.


Even though it is no longer West Lake Stevens, the new community of Lake Stevens is a flourishing lakeside community. With an area of 1,040 acres, the lake itself is the largest lake in Snohomish County. Several creeks across the county feed into the lake, including Lundeen, Mitchell, Kokanee, and Stitch Creeks. Today, much of the lake shoreline is heavily developed and is still a popular destination for tourists to visit the lake and beaches. Residents and visitors can enjoy all of the recreational activities the lake has to offer, include boating, fishing, and swimming. Besides the lake, the greater Lake Stevens area offers many community parks, beaches, multi use trails, and sports fields. The area boasts over 195 acres of parks, trails, and open green space. Just a short drive from Seattle, its no surprise the area has become a popular place to live. One of these trials, the Snohomish County Centennial Trail is a 30-mile-long (48 km) trail converted from an old rail line of the Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway. The trail connects the cities of Snohomish, Lake Stevens, and Arlington. The trail is maintained by the county parks and recreation. The trail includes both a paved multi-use trail and a parallel equestrian trail.

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