How long do dental crowns last?

A dental crown lynnwood wa procedure is a great choice for repairing a fractured or cracked tooth, a tooth that has become weakened, or a tooth that is misaligned. Part of your decision to go ahead of with the crown procedure may be knowing how long you can expect the crown to last. You may want to  understand if crowns are the most cost-effective route and meet your dental needs both short term and long term. Below is detailed information about what you can expect from a dental crown once it is installed.

The life of a crown

There are many factors that weigh into how long a dental crown will last once it is installed. Many of these factors have to do with you and your habits, which tooth, or teeth are being restored, and the decisions made by the dentist when installing the tooth.

In general, the average life of a dental crown is between 10 and 30 years. That may seem like a large range, but that’s because there are different types of crowns and many different factors at play. Overall, the average crown lasts a minimum of 8 years, and most dental insurance companies will cover the repair or replacement of a crown that needs to be replaced sooner than 8 years. While a crown may seem like an investment, it is good to know that you can expect them to last at least 8 years if not longer.

Factors to consider when estimating how long a crown will last

The best way to estimate how long a crown will last is to discuss it with your dentist. The following factors will be considered:

  • The condition of the tooth that that crown is installed to
  • They type of material the crown is made of and how durable that material is
  • The location in the mouth where the crown is installed
  • The installation and fit of the crown
  • Your dental hygiene habits after the installation

As you can see, there are many factors that impact how long your crown will last. Prior to selecting the crown material, have a discussion with your dentist. The material is a big factor in how long the artificial crown holds up. Although porcelain is the type selected to look the most like your real teeth, it is not as durable as some of the alternative options. Metal alloy options are the strongest alternative and will not wear down like a porcelain crown is likely to. After your crown is installed, taking good care of your teeth by brushing and flossing daily will help guarantee your crown lasts a long time. Also avoid eating or chewing on hard foods like ice or candy. This little practice will help you prevent doing damage to your new crown.

Overall, a dental crown is a great choice for restoring or repairing a damaged or weakened tooth. Have a conversation with your dentist to help you come up with a treatment plan that is best for you and your oral health needs.

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