Dental Implant Over 60

While taking good care of your oral health throughout your life will significantly reduce your risk of tooth loss as you grow older, tooth loss is, unfortunately, a common occurrence among older people. Although the loss of teeth is never ideal, the good news is that many patients over the age of 60 are viable candidates for dental implants. Osteoporosis is one of the most common reasons for tooth loss among older patients. Although osteoporosis does result in jawbone loss, it may still be possible for you to have an implant placed following a bone graft.

There are also several different types of dental implants that can overcome jawbone deficiency, such as All-on-4 Dental Implants.

To determine if you are a candidate for dental implants, schedule an appointment with your periodontist. During this evaluation, they will determine if you have a sufficient amount of jawbone to support a dental implant, and if so, what type of implant is best suited to your needs.

Improved Health and Increased Life Expectancy

Having dental implants placed can significantly improve not only one’s oral health, but their physical health as well, which can result in longer life expectancy and a better quality of life. One of the ways dental implants improve your overall health is by restoring your chewing strength. With this renewed strength, you will be able to enjoy a broader variety of foods and receive the necessary nutrition to stay healthy.

Dental implants also prevent the continued deterioration of your jawbone by providing it with constant stimulation. Patients who opt for dentures do not receive this stimulation and their jawbone continues to deteriorate, which leads to an increased risk of additional oral and physical health issues. Finally, there are countless benefits to one’s physical health that can be attributed by the increase in confidence and sense of self-worth you will have after restoring your full smile back.

Cost of Treatment

A common concern shared among patients over the age of 60 is whether the cost of having dental implants placed is really worth it. This concern is even more pronounced among older patients, who have become used to having missing teeth or may not see any great benefit to the discomfort, time, and cost necessary to complete the dental implant process. While dentures are a much more cost affordable option when compared to dental implants and can be completed much faster, there are several aspects of traditional dentures that make this approach less than desirable. For example, unlike traditional dentures, which frequently slip out while eating or talking, dental implants can only be removed by your periodontist. Traditional dentures also significantly reduce the types of foods an individual can eat, whereas dental implants will restore your ability to enjoy all types of foods. Finally, unlike dentures, which require constant maintenance and readjustment, you can take care of your dental implants just like your regular teeth.

If you have missing teeth, are over the age of 60, and avoided seeking treatment for any of the aforementioned reasons, contact your periodontist to see if you are a viable candidate for dental implants.

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