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What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

If you are in need of a tooth or teeth replacement, you’ll definitely want to weigh your options. While some people choose a bridge or even partial dentures, others go with an option that has many benefits—dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Essentially, dental implants are teeth that are secured by a titanium rod that is installed in the jawbone. Attached to this rod is an abutment, on which the new crown is installed. This procedure is beneficial for a variety of reasons, that include…

A Stable Bite

When you are missing a tooth, or when you have a replacement that isn’t as secure as an implant, you’ll find that you don’t have the same stability with your bite that you used to. With an implant, you’ll have the security of knowing that you can eat the foods that you love, all without doing damage.

A Complete Smile

One of the biggest benefits of implants is how natural they look. Dental implants match wonderfully with the teeth surrounding them, making them essentially indistinguishable from real teeth. You’ll be able to smile the way that you used to, with the confidence of knowing that people see all of your teeth…without any gap.

A Cost Effective Solution

While the initial cost of implants may seem high, in the long run they end up saving you quite a bit of money. Keep in mind that, without having your tooth replaced, you risk a litany of different oral health issues. You also may notice your teeth migrating, and even damage occurring to your jawbone. The costs of the dental work you’ll need when this happens more than justifies the cost of implants!
Even if you decide to go with another option like dental bridges, it’s important to understand that dental bridges only last five or six years—ten at most. While you may need the occasional adjustment, implants can last you a lifetime.

Speak Easy

Many people find that, with missing teeth, their speech patterns begin to change. It can be difficult to properly pronounce certain words, and it can be annoying to try to adjust to a new way of speaking (not to mention upsetting). With an implant, you’ll be able to speak the way that you used to.

Strong Jawbone

Without a tooth, your jawbone can start to deteriorate. With an implant, though, your jaw continues to stimulate bone growth, and maintain its integrity.

Saving Face

Believe it or not, a missing tooth or teeth can change the way that not only your smile looks, but your face! Implants help you to avoid the sunken look that can occur from the loss of a tooth or teeth. There are many benefits to dental implants that make them an ideal choice for tooth or teeth replacement. If you are missing teeth, or you need to have a tooth removed, speak with your dentist about whether or not implants are an option.

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