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Missing Teeth Replacement Options

There are a variety of different reasons that you may need your teeth replaced, and because of this, there are a variety of different options for replacements. Whether you have a tooth removed due to decay, you have a tooth fall out or your  tooth is accidentally knocked out, you’ll want to speak with your dentist about different treatments for your missing teeth.

Below are a variety of different treatment options that are dependent upon the severity of your dental issues, your jawbone integrity and more.

Dental Implants

An extremely popular option for tooth or teeth replacement is dental implants. Implants are very popular because they look aesthetically pleasing, while also being extremely functional. As the name implies, with an implant you don’t have to worry about taking care of an appliance. Instead, you have a permanent titanium rod installed to hold a new crown in place. While this is an ideal procedure for tooth or teeth replacement, it’s not always an option. If the integrity of the jawbone is diminished, it can be impossible to install the rod. Because of this, other options may need to be considered. If you jawbone is able to handle the installation, though, you may be able to get an implant for problems involving:

  • A Tooth or Teeth That Has Been Knocked Out
  • A Tooth or Teeth That Need to Be Pulled
  • A Tooth or Teeth That Have Fallen Out

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are an excellent option when the jawbone cannot handle an implant. While a bridge isn’t secured in place with an implant, it can be held in place with a resin-bonded bridge. This involves the bridge being bonded to existing teeth. Another option is a tooth-supported fixed bridge, which involves grinding the surrounding teeth to place the bridge across them.


Another popular option for missing teeth is full or partial dentures. These are ideal for patients that are losing large potions of their teeth—or all of them. You’ve probably seen full dentures before—they are what many people use when they have their teeth removed, or their mouths have missing teeth due to age. Complete dentures are ideal for maintaining a good cosmetic appearance—even after a patient’s gums have begun to deteriorate, which has led to missing teeth. Partial dentures are very similar, except they are placed using clasps and can be removed when needed. Finally, there are implant dentures, which are like an extended form of implants mixed with
dentures. These are ideal for patients that still have a jawbone that can support the implants.

Speaking with Your Dentist

Ultimately, they decision of which tooth or teeth replacement option is right for you is between your dentist and you. Make sure that you go over each of these options, and you go with the one that will best suits your needs, and improve your quality of life. You can still maintain an amazing smile, and often even the integrity of your bite, with these different tooth and teeth replacement options.

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