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Visiting the Dentist, How Often?

Only 50 years ago the practice of dentistry was about fixing problems versus preventing problems. Preventive dentistry evolved over those fifty years. Not only is it easier to prevent an oral hygiene problem, but it is also cheaper. Of course, it is better for your overall health as well. How often should you visit the lynnwood dentist starts with a common sense rule of thumb and then changes and flexes depending on your individuality.

Preventive Standards

It was initially decided through dental and health organizations that a recommendation of visiting the dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning and a regular checkup would go a long way in preventing cavities and gum disease. This was established as a good baseline depending on each patients brushing and flossing habits, their oral hygiene and any unusual medical conditions. Understand that even if you take outstanding care of your teeth you cannot remove plaque and tartar below your gum line. The dentist will use specific tools in those regular cleaning to compliment your efforts. They will also do a thorough check up examining not only your teeth but your gums as well and even your tongue. By visiting the dentist you can stay ahead of any pending problems, or catch them early enough to combat them sensibly.

Exceptions to the Rule

If you fall into one of the following categories you may want to consider seeing your dentist more than twice a year. You certainly can consult your dentist and determine the necessity together. Smokers and those using chewing tobacco should visit the dentist more often. Smoking puts you into a higher risk category due to the increased possibility of dental diseases and the accelerated staining of the tooth enamel. When you are pregnant you will want to increase your dental visits. Pregnancy also puts you into a high risk category when it comes to your oral hygiene. Diabetics are also in the high risk category and should be seen more often.

Establishing a Routine

Once you have established a relationship of trust with a dentist you together will determine what will be in your best interests. If you have a weak immune system when it comes to responding to bacterial infections or you simply build up plaque quicker than what is normal you will want to pay closer attention to quality preventive measures. Ask your dentist questions and answer theirs. Share with them your favorites, such as a daily cola or a glass of red wine. You may love your sweets and the dentist needs to know that so you can collaborate on a program to combat those excessive sugars.

Good Habits

Many of us find some comfort in routines. How often you should visit the dentist depends on you and your acceptance of developing good habits. Make sure your dental visits become enjoyable and it will be easier to both make your appointments and keep them. A good trusting relationship with your dentist and the understanding of prevention will only be in your best interests.

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