How Do Dentures Work?

Dentures in lynnwood wa are a prosthetic dental appliance that is created specifically for an individual patient to replace any number of teeth they may be missing. A full denture will replace all of your natural teeth. A partial denture will replace a few missing teeth in one area. A partial denture relies on the remaining healthy teeth onto which it attaches. While any denture will never feel as your natural teeth did, they are a comfortable and natural looking alternative.

How do dentures work?

Both a full and partial denture have an acrylic base that has been tinted to match your gums. They are designed to sit on top of your gums. On a full denture, the upper portion covers the entire roof of your mouth and the lower part is U shaped to allow room for the tongue. A partial is only designed to cover one area where you are missing teeth and attaches to the adjacent, healthy teeth. All dentures are custom made from an impression your dentist takes of your mouth.

How long will it take for me to get used to my dentures?

For a few weeks or even a month or two, you may find your dentures uncomfortable and awkward. Learning to hold them in your mouth and how to speak and eat with them will take time. Do not take them out and try to get along without them, that will just set you back in time to get used to them. If you are experiencing severe irritation, call your dentist so they can adjust them for you. It will take some time for you to be able to speak and eat easily but stick with it, everything new takes practice!

How long do dentures last?

Caring for your dentures will help them last. Normal wear and tear for dentures will cause them to need to be relined or rebased which your dentist’s can do for you. If necessary, a new set can be fabricated as well. Your mouth will change through the years so it is not uncommon for them to become loose which can irritate your gums. Make sure you continue your regular check ups with your dentist to make sure everything stays in optimal working order.

Some tips for maintaining your new dentures include:

  • Never let your dentures become dried out; if they are not in your mouth, put them in either plain, room temperature water or in your denture soaking solution.
  • To make sure your gums stay healthy, brush them every morning before placing your dentures and every evening after taking them out to remove any food particles and plaque and to stimulate circulation.
  • Brush your dentures daily to remove plaque and food deposits and to prevent staining. While brushing or handling your denture for any reason, be very careful and work over a soft padded surface, maybe folding a towel multiple times and holding the denture over it or a sink filled with tepid, never hot, water. Your denture is delicate and can chip or break if dropped.

Your denture was made just for you! Never try to do any adjustments yourself as they can be damaged beyond repair. Make sure also to never use hot water on them, to avoid warping.

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