Same Day Dentures

If you find yourself faced with the possibility of losing more than one tooth, or even all of your teeth, a dentures could be the ideal solution to restore your smile and the form and function of your mouth. Replacing missing teeth are not only for your personal appearance, allowing spaces to remain can cause shifting of healthy teeth and jaw bone deterioration.

What are dentures?

Dentures are a prosthetic dental appliance used to replace lost teeth. Just a few teeth missing in one area can be taken care of with a partial denture. If you are currently missing or will be having all of your teeth removed, a full denture would be needed to restore your mouth. Immediate dentures can be placed immediately after extraction and aid in the healing process while you wait for your permanent denture. Traditional dentures are placed after your extraction sites are fully healed. All are constructed using acrylic for the base and porcelain for the teeth. A partial denture may have metal parts but if you have a metal allergy, all acrylic is an option as well. Partial and full dentures are easily removed for easy cleaning.

Why do I need dentures?

Maintaining your speech patterns and ability to bite and chew are an important part of daily life. Dentures will restore the form and function of your mouth, you do not want to leave open spaces as that can cause the shifting of healthy teeth and jaw bone deterioration. Speak to your dentist and present all concerns. You and your dentist will work together to determine which option will best fit your individual needs.

Do I need a Partial or Full denture?

  • Partial dentures replace a few missing teeth in one are of your mouth. By filling the space, a partial will maintain the health of your remaining teeth and keeping them from shifting which would likely cause other problems in the future.
  • Full dentures replace all of your teeth. An acrylic base tinted to match your gums supports the porcelain teeth and cover both the upper and lower arch of your mouth.

Would Immediate or Traditional dentures be appropriate for me?

  • Immediate dentures are a great option to help you learn to speak and chew with your eventual permanent denture. They also keep any extraction sites protected and allow the area to heal. Immediate dentures have the added perk of letting you walk out of the dentist’s office without missing teeth.
  • Traditional dentures are fabricated outside your dentist’s office. You will not be able to wear them right after extractions but after allowing six to eight week of healing time, you will be fit for your new, permanent denture.

Any discomfort should be addressed so if you find after a few days that something feels too tight or too loose, give your dentist a call so you can go have them adjusted.

If you feel that dentures could be the right choice for you, give your dentist a call to set up a consultation to discuss your treatment options.

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