Fix Broken Teeth

Without the ability to smile at the outside world and the loss of confidence that comes from a toothy grin, a broken tooth is more than just a dental problem, it’s an everyday issue.  Whether you chipped your tooth while enjoying your favorite hard candy or you accidentally fell, broken teeth are common and are not a life sentence.  If you have a broken tooth from a cavity, car accident or chomping on ice, take a moment to talk to the dentist about your treatment options.

Depending on the cause of your broken tooth, the dentist has a number of ways to repair your broken tooth and to restore your smile to its full glory.  No matter if this is an emergency consultation or if you have struggled with your broken tooth for some time, the dentist will walk you through the choices to address the cause of your dental issue.

There is more than one solution to repair your broken tooth, just like there is more than one cause of a broken tooth.  Here are just a few of the ways to fix your broken tooth:

  • Root Canal

If you have broken or cracked your tooth, you will want to talk to the dentist about your problem before it causes more issues in your mouth.  If the break or the crack goes below the gumline, even if you can’t see it, the opening can lead to an infection.  When the infection spreads to the pulp near the root of the tooth, the dentist can use a root canal to remove the infection before using a crown or filling to protect the tooth from future infections.

  • Bonding

If your damage to your tooth is minimal, the dentist can use this simple treatment to repair your tooth.  The dentist will use a composite material in the same color as your natural tooth to restore the appearance of your tooth and then the dentist will use a blue light to harden the composite in place.

  • Dental Sealant

When the problem with your tooth is a hole or a crack, the dentist can use this option to protect the remaining enamel and prevent infections.  Sealants can even be used to prevent future cavities by filling in the tiny cracks where the bacteria starts to grow.  Often dental sealants are used in the back of your mouth on your molars and premolars to protect your teeth from needing more serious treatments.

  • Filling

Dentists use fillings as the most cost effective and least uncomfortable treatment for broken teeth.  Fillings can be made from a variety of materials and are most commonly used to repair cavities.

  • Crown

If one of your front teeth has been affected or if one of your teeth has been entirely affected, then a dental crown will be the most convenient option.  The crown is used to replace the broken tooth with a harder shell in the same shape and color as the original tooth before it was damaged.

  • Veneers

Often, veneers are used to repair the appearance of teeth, whether its the shape, color or damage that you want to improve.  Veneers are custom made in porcelain or composite resin and are popular in cosmetic dental treatments.

  • Dental Implant

Implants are the most invasive and extensive of the treatments to restore teeth but it is long lasting.  Dentists use dental implants to replace teeth that have been broken or damaged at or near the gumline to prevent more serious problems and infections.


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