How Much Does Gum Contouring Cost?

If you find yourself looking at your smile wishing it could be different, it could be time to talk to the dentist about gum contouring. Gum lifts are not the answer to all your dental problems, but they are the answer to gummy smiles, uneven gumlines and small teeth from large gums. The dentist can use gingivectomy to remove excess gum tissue or damaged tissue to shape the gums in a more natural and better fitting way for your smile.

Typical costs:

In most cases, depending on the dentist, the geographic location, the location in your mouth and the amount of skill your treatment requires, it can cost between $50-$350 per tooth.  A more experienced dentist or periodontist is better equipped to address a more complicated case that need more than removing and shaping the gum around a single tooth. If you are looking for gum contouring and bone shaping in addition to crown lengthening to really change your appearance to longer, bigger teeth, then the most visible teeth up front can cost between $1,000-$3,000 or more. Most often gum contouring is a cosmetic treatment so it is not covered by dental insurance. If the dentist is using gum contouring to treat gum disease or gum recession, then your dental insurance policy may cover some of the procedure.

What should be included:

You can talk to the dentist or go to a gum specialist, periodontist, about gum contouring options. For the procedure, the dentist will numb the area to ensure your comfort during the procedure. Depending on the dentist, the type of tool and technique will vary; dentists have the choice between scalpels, lasers and radio surgery units. Some procedures are more complicated than others and may need to include bone removal and gum shaving to ensure more successful long-term results. In most cases, the dentist can start and complete your gum contouring in one appointment and if you follow your aftercare instructions, the results can be permanent. Be sure to keep your follow up appointments and your twice-yearly dental appointments to monitor any changes you may notice. The gum contouring appointment can last 15 to 30 minutes if the dentist is only working on a small amount of gum tissue. If your case is a crown lengthening procedure involving bone and gum, then the appointment may last up to an hour or two. The healing process for a simple procedure will take one week to ten days and a more complicated procedure including bone will take four to six weeks.

Additional costs:

If you include any additional procedures with your gum contouring like veneers, cosmetic bonding or crowns, then those additions will add to the total cost.


If you are interested in gum contouring at a lower cost, dental schools with clinics offer dental students the opportunity to work on patients while under the supervision of faculty. Dental schools are great places to consult if you are looking for lower cost twice-yearly appointments in addition to any dental work you need for better oral heal.

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