How Serious Is a Fractured Root?

If you are experiencing a prolonged toothache, gum swelling, or sudden sensitivity to varying temperatures, it's crucial not to take these symptoms lightly. They might be minor symptoms, but they could signal a more severe issue like a root fracture.

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of what you need to know about root fractures, their severity, and potential remedies.

An Overview of Root Fractures

A tooth root fracture is a crack below the gum line, running through the tooth's root. This damage can result from various causes, such as sudden tooth injuries, biting down too hard, or other factors that strain the tooth.

Different Types of Root Fractures

Root fractures aren't all the same. Some of the different types of root fractures include:

• Split-tooth variations
• Cracks that form beneath the gums
• Vertical fractures along the root

The Seriousness of Root Fractures

It's crucial to address a root fracture immediately. These fractures are not only uncomfortable but, if left untreated, can lead to serious oral health issues. Early action can prevent further complications. If you suspect you have such an injury, it's a good idea to see an emergency dentist promptly.

Keep in mind, acting quickly is essential. Waiting too long might limit your dentist's treatment options, and in severe cases, the only recourse might be tooth extraction to prevent the spread of infection.

What Causes Root Fractures?

Root fractures can happen for various reasons, including:

• Accidents during sports or car crashes.
• Large fillings that could weaken the tooth.
• Using teeth in ways they aren't meant for, like opening packages.
• Drinking extremely hot beverages, then immediately drinking cold beverages.

Managing an Infected Root Fracture

In cases where the fractured root is accompanied by infection, a root canal often becomes the go-to solution. This procedure is critical in targeting and eradicating infected dental tissue, thereby preventing the further spread of infection. Subsequent to a root canal, a dental crown might be recommended. These crowns, crafted from robust materials, act as replacements for the upper part of a tooth—ensuring the tooth remains both functional and visually appealing.

Acting swiftly can mean the difference when it comes to tooth preservation. Consulting your dentist at the initial hint of an issue increases the likelihood of retaining the affected tooth. If damage is extensive, however, tooth extraction might be the only remedy. Still, it's worth noting that dentists prefer retaining over removing and will explore all possible avenues before settling on extraction.

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