Cleaning Implant Supported Dentures

Have you recently considered getting dentures or implant supported dentures, but you weren’t sure of the cleaning and care that will be involved post-treatment? Regardless of which tooth replacement option you choose, replacement teeth need to be cleaned just like natural teeth. This may be a surprise to you considering they are artificial. Don’t worry, many people are not aware of the care and cleaning that goes into preserving dentures. Dentures or any artificial teeth should be treated just like natural teeth to make them last. What is even more important is maintaining the oral health of your mouth and gum tissue. Here are some basic tips for maintaining good oral health and caring for implant supported dentures.

Daily Cleaning

Just like natural teeth, dentures should be cleaned and cared for daily. Implant-supported dentures and the tissue in the mouth should be brushed and carefully cleaned every day. Because dentures are attached to implants this process may look a little different. Here are the basic steps:

  1. First, you should remove the detachable dentures.
  2. Start by cleaning thoroughly the artificial teeth.
  3. Next, be sure to clean your mouth, including the gum area and around the implant attachments. Food can get stuck in these small places and bacteria can build up.

Not removing the dentures when you brush allows for bacteria and germs to be trapped underneath the denture, which overtime can be harmful to the gum tissue and jawbones. Removing dentures overnight will help prevent infections and gum disease.

Professional Maintenance and Care

It is important to maintain regular dental appointments to keep your oral health in check. Routine professional cleanings are important to keep your dentures and implants in the best possible condition, just like they are for natural teeth. After getting implant supported dentures, your dental visits will be similar to most patients. Your visit will include a thorough exam of the gums and mouth tissues and a quick check to make sure your dentures are fitting comfortably. Every few visits your dentist may request getting x-rays to make sure that your implants, abutments, and attachments are positioned correctly. Additionally, they will check the clips or attachments as they have a tendency to wear out easily and usually need to be replaced annually.

Proper Care will Make Your Implant-Supported Dentures Last

Just like natural teeth, dentures will last longer with proper care. If you clean your dentures daily and take care of your overall oral health, your implant supported dentures should last many years reliably. You should be able to keep your normal diet, but make sure you are aware that hard or sticky foods can damage your dentures, and you may need to do some extra cleaning after eating. Make sure to keep regular dental appointments scheduled every 6 months to get a routine professional cleaning and check-up. If you have developed any bite sores or discomfort with your fit, call your dentist and make an appointment today. There is no need to suffer with discomfort.

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