How Long Do Implant Supported Dentures Last?

Losing natural teeth happens. In fact, over 40 million Americans have none of their natural adult teeth left. Thanks to advances in modern dentistry there are many good tooth replacement options available. If your dentist has recently told you you may need to look into a full or partial tooth replacement option, you should consider if implant supported dentures are the right fit for you. Unlike regular dentures, implant supported dentures are designed to attach to dental implants securely placed in the jawbone. This attachment makes implant supported dentures more stable and secure than traditional dentures. Here is some more information on how implant support dentures work and how long they can be expected to last.

What are Implant Supported Dentures?

Dentures are an artificial replacement for individuals missing most or all of their teeth. Because of their ability to replace multiple or all teeth at once at a relatively low price, dentures are a go to option. However, overtime, the shape of the gums and mouth will change without teeth, and the dentures fit will change. This means that many patients need to get their dentures refitted time and again. Implant supported dentures are the solution for this issue. Denture implants are titanium posts that are designed to be placed into the jawbone during a surgical procedure. Once secure in the jaw, the implant acts rooted like a natural tooth, providing a place for the denture to be attached. In most cases, between 2 and 6 implants are needed to hold a set of dentures in place.

How Long Do Implant Supported Dentures Last?

You may not know, but teeth have the important job of providing structure and shape to the jaw and mouth. As teeth are lost, the jaw shape will change. When there are no natural teeth left, the jaw shrinks in a process that is called resorption. For traditional dentures without implants, this means that the jawbone changes shape overtime and the dentures that once fit securely will become loose. Therefore, traditional dentures need to be replaced and refitted every few years. Even though they are an affordable option, overtime this can get expensive. Dentists have discovered that when implants are placed in the jawbone, this resorption process stops. In fact, placing the metal posts in the jaw helps to repair the jaws strength and spark healthy bone growth. Therefore, unlike traditional dentures, implant supported dentures can last forever depending on the quality of the implants and the dentures.

Benefits of Implant Supported Denture

There are many benefits of supported dentures over traditional dentures. Here are a few:

  • Secure fit that improves everyday life
  • Oral Health: Preserve jawbone and restore bone growth
  • Improved Appearance: In general, they are smaller and more natural looking in the mouth because less artificial material is needed to grip to gums
  • Comfort: Fit can be an issue with dentures, thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that when the dentures are securely attached to the dental implants

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