Invisalign Before and After

Patients looking to straighten or close gaps between their teeth may think that traditional metal braces are their only option for restoring a healthy-looking smile.  Fortunately, there is a modern-day alternative known as Invisalign.  Using a series of clear plastic aligners custom manufactured specifically for the patient, Invisalign gradually shifts the teeth into the ideal position without the need for uncomfortable and unattractive metal brackets.  While great for both teens and adults looking for a more discreet option to straighten their teeth, patients may be wondering how effective the Invisalign treatment process is.  Using the following four patient testimonials, we will investigate their experiences before and after using Invisalign.

Jenn Vonhagen:

I am a mom, athlete, and businessowner, so finding a way to balance my time throughout the day can be a challenge.  On some days, it is impossible to balance everything and as is frequently the case for women in my situation, taking care of yourself often falls by the wayside.  My smile is important to me and is one of the things people mention to me the most; it kind of defines who I am.  I sought out treatment because I found myself avoiding pictures due to my crooked teeth and was feeling self-conscious.  Fitting Invisalign into my busy life was simple!  When I found out that it was basically as cost effective as braces and could fit right into my day, it made it a much easier decision.

Kirstiana Rosas:

I am a student, an actress, and newlywedded wife.  I love theater because it allows me to be in my most vulnerable state and for everyone to see it.  I began my Invisalign treatment during the first play I have ever done.  Growing up, I was bullied a lot because of the way my teeth looked and I did not realize the effect it had on my self-confidence on a daily basis.  When I got Invisalign treatment, it changed my life and I found a confidence I never knew was possible.

Sarah Keartes:

I’m a nature lover, science journalist, and snowboarder.  My Invisalign treatment fits into my lifestyle really well.  I’m able to skate and snowboard without having to worry about brackets or wires which is safer and just easier for me.  I am halfway through my treatment now and already seeing great results.  When I see pictures of myself now, I’m always smiling which I never used to do before getting treatment.  I can tell that I’m a lot more confident and happier.  Your smile is the first thing people see and it’s contagious and infectious so being confident is important.  My Invisalign treatment has definitely changed my life and I’m only halfway through.


Invisalign treatment was the best choice for my daughter.  Not only was the treatment fast but it was very convenient for us.  I love seeing the movement of her teeth and it was really encouraging for her using the Invisalign aligners.   She saw that not only did she have healthy teeth but beautiful and straight teeth.  She smiles all the time.

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