Invisalign Reviews

Invisalign braces are a modern alternative to traditional metal braces that are used to gradually, and gently, straighten or move teeth into a desired position.  These clear, plastic aligners are customized for individual patients using 21st century technology and manufacturing processes.  Invisalign braces are removable which means that a patient’s normal flossing and brushing routine is unaffected.  The removability also means that patients can eat and drink as normal while avoiding any dietary restrictions.  While the duration of treatment with Invisalign varies from patient-to-patient based on their specific needs, typical treatments average between 12 to 14 months and can cost between $3,500 to $8,000.  If you or someone you know is considering Invisalign and want patient reviews, please see the following testimonials from users.

Patient Invisalign Reviews:

Peta908:  Gives Invisalign 4 out of 5 stars:

I've been self conscious about my teeth for years, in particular my lower teeth where due to overcrowding the middle lower tooth is pushed back. I get embarrassed with photos if I have my mouth open.

After a lot of hesitation, I bit the bullet and saw the orthodontist referred by my dentist. A few x rays and scans, I was given the go ahead. I was nervous but excited. I had numerous attachments put on my teeth, and found once the first set of aligners were put in, my gums were tender and taking the aligners out to eat was sore, this only lasted however for a few days. At the start I wondered what I had gotten myself into! But it definitely gets easier. I was aware for the first few weeks my speech changed slightly when wearing my aligners, but this has now stopped. I change aligners every two weeks. Now when I put in the new aligners it's only a little tender for about a day, nothing unbearable though.

I'm over halfway through the treatment and I'm noticing a significant improvement.

Flossing my teeth is completely different, and my lower teeth are moving nicely to make way for the pushed out tooth.

Only negative is that you need to take out to eat/drink (unless it's water) so I don't really snack so much anymore. Also I take with me a toothbrush and floss picks in my bag if I'm out.

It is a little pricey. My orthodontist does offer payment plans or a discount if you pay upfront”.

Jbh500:  Gives Invisalign 5 out of 5 starts:

              “The day I got my invisalign I cried because It was uncomfortable, I was overthinking the way It looked, and my speech was off. I remember thinking what did i get myself into?! Flash forward to a year later, and I have zero regrets. After the first week, things became more normal and no one really notices them. You can see them, sure, but if you're going to a big event just leave them out - the show goes on. Additionally, set realistic expectations. I did mine for an overbite, and could not be happier with the results, but I know a lot of that is because of being logical. I still have a semi overbite, but invisalign did wonders to It and I feel so much more confident now!Worth every annoying time brushing 5 times a day, waiting to drink my coffee, etc. If this is something you have been thinking about, just jump and do It - the quicker you starter the quicker you will be done - you won't ever regret It! and hang in there if you're like me on those first days - It will be worth It”.

AECavadas:  Gives Invisalign 5 out of 5 stars:

              “So I’m almost done with my Invisalign treatment and I’m getting so excited because I can finally see what the end results will look like!

By this stage, putting in and taking out my retainers has become a second-nature practice. They're so easy to quickly remove for an event or a lunch and slip back on right after. Even after having elastics added into my treatment, the process is just as simple and easy! (Top tip: bring a few extra elastics around with you in your Invisalign case. They're so tiny and easy to lose, so a few extras on hand is a definitely a good idea.)

I've only got a few more aligners left now, and almost all of my teeth issues have disappeared! Crooked teeth, gone! Overlapping, no more! I feel like I can finally smile with confidence in photos, and not be as worried about food getting caught in my teeth.

I’m also so used to the feeling of putting on new sets of aligners at this stage! I only get a little bit of tenderness on the first day, then it goes away! I’m also finding that I can also almost use the Dental Monitoring App (which I use to scan my teeth before changing aligners) with my eyes closed! (Almost, hahaha)

So excited to see the final result!”

Aussiebabes:  Gives Invisalign 3 out of 5 stars:

              “My Invisalign experience so far is certainly not what I expected! It was marketed to be super convenient, discreet and hassle free but during this first stage I have struggled to see any of these things and have actually found the experience quite difficult! I did find that the dentists and staff at the ortho practice were very informative and lovely every time I came in which was a bonus. However, I feel as though I was lead astray with the attachments – the dentist definitely underplayed this process and just said there were just going to be a few little invisible buttons but on my teeth. Next minute I look up and there are about 7 sharp noticeable bumps on my teeth which then when aligners were put on top made them stick out and took away from the whole idea of the retainers which were to be as discrete as possible. I understand the buttons are meant to help move teeth but I feel like they really need to be explained more because I probably would’ve reconsidered treatment if they had told me how many I needed.

I was also given an attachment hook in the back of my mouth for a band (I was never informed bands were part of the Invisalign treatment) and this fell off within the first week meaning I had to go back in again. The actual retainers themselves didn’t fit right at the start but I did find the rubber chewies to help a little bit – but not as much as the dentists make them out to. In terms of pain it will be very painful the first few days but then it becomes almost pain free as you adjust – the buttons also smooth down over time. The hardest part for me was how much it impacted my speech. I work as a receptionist and I found I couldn’t pronounce my words correctly to the point where I was so embarrassed that I would not wear my aligners at work, uni or around friends. I can honestly say it got to a point where I looked into how I could discontinue treatment. Now I am up to set 7 after 2 months and my speech is only just starting to sound normal-ish! I still get very self conscious about the aligners and every time I wear them around friends they notice them and ask about them. Having to take them in and out to eat is also inconvenient and really difficult if you go out to eat/socialise a lot like I do. Wearing them 22 hours a day is also a ridiculous expectation and just not possible to follow but I do try my best to keep them in as much as I can. I usually clean them morning and night with just a bit of soap or toothpaste when brushing my teeth. I have found the dental monitoring app amazing as I do a weekly scan which they send to my dentist meaning I don’t have to go in all the time and she can access up close images of my teeth and track progress. I can easily email or message the dentist if I have concerns – however you may need to be patient with the app – one of my scans took 24 hours to upload meaning my treatment was delayed a day as I have to wait for approval to move into the next set. I do think this is the toughest stage and it is getting easier and easier as the weeks go by but feel like I was kind of sucked into it during my consultations and only really informed of the favourable elements of the treatment.”  


              “I've followed the treatment to the letter (keeping trays in for 23 hours a day, brushing, cleaning, changing trays every week at the same time/day) everything went really well until I reached the end of my treatment for my upper teeth. We took a new mould at this point (to refine a small gap in my front teeth) and sent off to Invisalign. In the mean time I carried on treatment for the bottom teeth (which are taking longer to straighten out) and for the next 5 weeks the 5 top trays were only meant to keep my teeth in place (no movement), HOWEVER Invisalign sent FAULTY upper trays and they messed up my front teeth completely over those 5 weeks (they are no longer lined out perfectly and one of my front central is clearly much higher up then the rest and looks like I need my front teeth fixed again 🙁
I reverted back to the last tray for my upper teeth (the one that was meant to be my final one) in hope that it will bring my front tooth back down over the next couple of weeks (this means wearing the same tray for 3 weeks (yuk) and seeing my ortho in 2 weeks to check... if it doesn't revert back completely to what it was (final state) I'll have to have yet another mould taken and sent off - that's going to extend things by at least another 4 weeks and I guess I'll have to wear my last aligners for yet another 4 weeks(!!?? Ewhhhhh disgusting thought).

So, no it isn't always the patient's fault, The manufacturers will mess up on occasions and send faulty aligners. I had heard of it being rare but it happened to me and others I know of. My orthodontist obviously didn't see anything wrong with the trays he had given me but I guess he doesn't check them as they are always sealed, he just passes them on to his patient, so there is little guidance if something goes wrong with your trays shape/fitting.

If you have any doubts whatsoever about the fitting of your aligners, call your orthodontist IMMEDIATELY. In my case it wasn't massively obvious that things were wrong (just painful but then most of my trays have been painful), it took me 4 weeks to actually see that my front teeth had shifted completely out of alignment as the movement was subtle and gradual.”


              “I did not have a bad experience, but I had a near miss. I've been going to a periodontist for a few years, finally had to go to a real dentist to get a filling repaired, and she was SUPER enthusiastic pushing Invisalign on me. She and my perio could NOT agree on the plan. They were seriously at war for like six months. I honestly think she was interested in me as a challenge (and for the money), not looking out for my best interests at all.

 Finally I went to an ortho recommended by a coworker, just to get a tie-breaker. I ended up getting Invisalign through this new place. I swear this orthodontist has a better relationship with my perio than I do! Suddenly everything just fell into place.

 Bonus: Fewer trays in the plan, no pushback from my perio, and everyone at the office is SUPER nice and understanding of nervous people.

 Don't be afraid to get a second or third opinion! There is a lot of variation out there.”

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