Why You Should Live in Lynnwood, WA

When looking into different Seattle suburbs, people often hear a certain city come up over and over again…Lynnwood. Lynwood has become popular over the years for those moving to the Seattle area that are looking for a nice place to live that has plenty of recreational activities, as well as easy access to where they want to go—including Seattle and Everett.

Excellent Highway Access

Let’s face it—most people that live in the Seattle suburbs work in Seattle. Actually, as many as 31% of Lynnwood residents commute to Seattle, while 9% commute to Everett. This would be relatively difficult if Lynnwood didn’t have such easy access to both Interstate 5 (which runs south to downtown Seattle, as well as north to Everett) and Interstate 405 which will take you to Eastside and Bellevue. Actually, Lynnwood is only 13 miles south of Everett and 16 miles north of Seattle!

Beautiful Parks

With an enormous 350 acres of park space, Lynnwood is ideal for families that are looking to spend some time in the beautiful outdoors of Washington. There are a variety of different parks available, which includes excellent nature conservation areas, as well as golf courses, athletic fields and a skate park for the kids. If you are in the mood for a nice walk in the beautiful Seattle area wilderness, there are excellent soft and hard surface trails for both walking and biking. Actually, there are around 7 miles worth of trails in Lynnwood!

Excellent Shopping

People from all over the Seattle and Everett area love to go to Lynnwood to get their shopping done at Alderwood—which is an excellent shopping mall in Lynnwood. Alderwood is made up of two wonderful open-air shopping centers known as The Village and the Terraces, as well as a traditional enclosed mall that is a sight to be seen!


Lynnwood boasts a robust school district, with 16 schools located either in or around Lynnwood. These schools are both a mixture of public and private schools, as well as Edmunds Community College and Central Washington University (a full, four-year institution). Lynnwood takes pride in their school system, and is always looking for new ways to improve the education of the students in their district.

A Vision for a Better Future

The city of Lynnwood is committed to a better future, and because of this they have outlined specific areas of growth that they would like to focus on. These include:

  • Becoming a city that encourages business development for businesses of all sizes
  • An ongoing interest in growing city parks and recreation programs
  • Creating a community that is safe and welcoming to all citizens.

If living in Seattle proper simply isn’t for you, Lynnwood provides an excellent alternative. With many options for recreation, good schools and some of the best shopping in the area, Lynnwood is the perfect city for your family to settle down and enjoy all that Washington has to offer!

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