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“I worked with Dr. Lee for a few weeks and it was one of the most educational and best few weeks of my career. She’s very passionate about what she does and treats her work like a piece of art! She’s so friendly and welcoming that all her patients always came in with a smile and left with a smile. I highly recommend going to Dr. Lee for any of your dental needs!”
– Katie M.

“Dr. Lois Lee is an incredible dentist that I would highly recommend! I chipped my front tooth and they were able to schedule me an appointment the same day. Dr. Lee is an artist. She combined several shades of the material to restore my chipped tooth. It was a perfect match! I like their high tech office with digital x-ray equipment and the intra-oral camera that showed me the area that they needed to fix. She was informative and painless. I appreciated getting my tooth fix that day. Thank you so much.”
– Jefrrey H.

“Dr. Lee is great! I am definitely a dentist baby. If you want a dentist that takes her time and explains the “what” and “why,” go see Dr. Lee. Staff is also friendly and helpful. I have never had a dentist that actually called me at home to check on how I was doing. This is the kind of service I appreciate. Would highly recommend!”
– Christopher F.

“I’m wondering what happened to my review I wrote months ago . No matter . Doc Lee is hands down the best of the best ! She rebuilt my smile for a very fair price . I can’t recommend this operation more .My whole family goes to see her and from the minute you walk in the door your treated like family .It is the best .ITF you go any where else your cheating yourself .NEED A DENTIST WHO DOES IT ALL GO SEE DOC LEE!”
– Brian M.

“I hate going to the dentist. They make you feel so uncomfortable. My last dentist had no clue, I just went to him for years cause a friend went there. My wife recommend Dr. Lee and I thought why not. My front tooth chipped making me look like, in my wife’s words a country bumpkin. No offense to country bumpkins.

Dr. Lee knew her stuff, but most importantly made me feel at ease. She fixed my tooth and answered my questions. I gotta admit I never had any respect for dentists but now I’ve changed my mind. There are five things you need in life, a barber, mechanic, lawyer, someone to pick you up at the airport, and a great dentist. I was going to include a doctor, but I have hmo.”
– Jung P.

“I started going to this dental clinic in February 2013. Dr. Lois A. Lee is the new dentist here (Dr. Peyton is no longer there) and she is one of the best dentists I have had. I have seen her for a dental cleaning and cavity work. Dr. Lee is extremely competent, knowledgeable and has high standards in her work. She and her staff are very hospitable. I highly recommend them!”
– Natalia Y.

“Dr. Peyton is no longer there. Dr. Lois Lee and staff have taken over the business and do exceptional work. I starting seeing Dr. Lee about a year ago and she is a really, really good dentist. I would highly recommend going there. She has done cleanings, and repairs of old crowns, etc. for me. Dr. Lee is so knowledgeable of the new latest and great dentistry standards and the atmosphere is also pleasant. Go check them out you won’t be disappointed.”
– Linda M.