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Root Canal Pain Expectations

Any and all of us grimace at the simply thought of pain. Especially if you utter the two words root canal lynnwood washington. There are a few myths associated with this procedure. A procedure that has become more prevalent through the years and quite common with technology advancements. Let’s first identify the reasons behind the need to have the procedure, the procedure itself and finally the benefits for taking this route.

Pain is Relative

To address the amount of pain you may encounter is like addressing love and hate or success and failure. The first myth is that of a root canal being painful. The procedure is no more painful than a dentist filling a cavity. The pain is about the condition of the tooth prior to the procedure. If you have a cracked tooth or a deep cavity you are creating the initial grounds for the process to begin. Beneath your white and hard enamel is another hard material called dentin. Then at the center of every tooth, from crown to the tip of the root, is a soft tissue called pulp. The pulp is full of nerves and connective tissues that deliver the nutrition to the tooth. Once the crack or cavity allows bacteria into the exposed pulp an infection will follow. The infection will create pus and the pus will then develop into an abysses at the root or a fistula which is a tunnel of pus. The pain you experience will develop from the infection building in the pulp.

The Process Itself is Virtually Pain Free

With a simple local anesthetic the infected tooth is numbed. The dentist drills a small opening at the top of the tooth and then uses small tools to remove all of the infected soft tissue from the pulp chamber and the canals. If it a front tooth it has only one canal but a molar can have up to three canals. Once the vacated area has been treated for any remaining infected material a rubbery material called gutta-percha is inserted and then the hole is sealed with a cement. It may be suggested that you consider a crown to protect this tooth from any further damage. The second myth is that the procedure is painful. The procedure may leave you with some discomfort but it pales in comparison to the pain from an infected toothache. If you are anxious about the procedure you can be given a mild sedative to settle you down.

The Benefits of a Root Canal

The third myth claims that you can become ill. This is simply not true. Once the infection is removed and the soreness goes away you benefit from keeping a natural tooth. This tooth contributes to your smile and your natural biting and chewing habits. If that tooth is removed you must deal with the gap that the neighboring teeth will want to slowly move into. There are millions of root canal procedures done annually in the United States. If you find yourself in need, do not be concerned about the word pain. The procedure is worth the 60 to 90 minutes invested.

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