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Affordable Dentistry Options to Fix Your Smile

There are few things more powerful, more contagious and more appealing than a simple smile. Research has quantified the value of a smile. We like people that smile. We find them more attractive. We find them friendlier, more approachable and more influential. So, when you look in the mirror to admire your smile, what are some affordable dentistry options to fix your smile, yet ever so slightly?

First, Teeth Whitening

The first thing that each and every one of us can do is to whiten our teeth. Our teeth yellow and become darker over time, so we don’t often see the regression. It comes from our diet of coffee, or colas, or red wine. If you are a smoker they will become stained. Of course, as you age they will change color as well as the enamel covering becomes thinner and lets the yellow dentin show through. You can whiten your teeth at home, or you can visit a dental office for some assistance, or you can do a combination of both. By using a professional they will make a tray to fit your teeth perfectly and then give you a whitening agent that you cannot acquire over the counter. All this means is you will get better results faster. To reward yourself make sure you take a selfie first so you can see the improvement in your smile. Then watch that smile grow!

Second, Fixing Chips or Cracks

The best route to go to improve chipped or cracked teeth is to get veneers made to cover your teeth. If your budget doesn’t like this method, you can have chips and cracks filled with a dental bonding composite resin that can be dyed to match your teeth. The dentist will fill the crack or chip. Although not delivering the same results as veneers and certainly not as permanent the bonding method is far more budget friendly.

Third, Straighten Them

When you think about crooked teeth you immediately think of braces. But you may have a small misalignment that will allow you to visit a dentist and get a retainer and straighten them without braces. The tray, or aligner, that they will make fits over your teeth and will help push the teeth into place. Like the bonding mentioned above, the retainer or aligner may not work for everyone but again is more budget friendly than braces and can correct the misalignment permanently.

A Price for the Value

Only you can determine the price as related to the value of improving your smile. The three options just mentioned are affordable dentistry options to fix your smile. You may find that through an installment plan at your favorite dentist lynnwood washington that you can afford other measures to increase the one major asset that each of us own but often take for granted. Don’t forget to document your smile before and after so you can enjoy the changes and then watch that smile roll into other facets of improving your life, professionally and personally.

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