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Choosing the Right Dentist for You or Your Family

Before we get into suggestions or protocol in choosing the right dentist lynnwood washington for you, let’s determine a value for both your smile and your oral hygiene. Now think about the many service industries that surround us every day. Isn’t having a regular dental checkup as important as many of your other ongoing expectations? Only you can assign a value to one of the most important assets we all have, a smile. And every ounce of life sustaining nutrition enters your body through your mouth. They both play a huge role in determining who you are and who you wish to become.

Big Picture

Let’s assume you are new to town and you want to find a dentist. You can start by asking family, friends or co-workers. You can call your insurance company for a referral, or you can go online and do your own research. You will first look for location and the office hours to make them work for you. You will want to confirm the fact that the office accepts your insurance. Go ahead and ask what different procedures cost and compare to another office. If you get into a procedure that results in a filling, a crown or a root canal you may be paying for some of that procedure above your insurance coverage. Of course, let’s make sure the dentist in question is qualified. Research their educational training. You can check the state website for state licensing board certification. Feel free to ask office staff about their approach to infection control or other issues that feel important to yourself. Find out if the office offers emergency care in the event you need help after hours or on the weekend. If you already have a local physician of record he or she might make a professional recommendation as well.

Some Friendly Suggestions

Once you have scheduled an appointment you can make note of a few elements that will represent the quality of customer service you might expect. How far out was your appointment scheduled? How long did you sit in the waiting room? Were you comfortable with the dentist and were questions welcomed? Did he or she take the time to explain options or treatments carefully? How does the office handle billing? How do they handle after hour calls if you have a problem? Or weekends? Finally, you can call your previous dentist if you came from another community and see if they have a referral.


You can make choosing the right dentist for you as difficult or a painless as you wish. Life is perception and if you value your smile then a little research is worth every second of your time. You want to establish a relationship with your dentist. A relationship that is built around trust. Again, they work for you so they need to earn that trust. Take your time in making your decision. Everything is relative so put in the time to protect your smile!

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