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What Is a Family Dentist?

Once your child is ready to visit the dentist, you’ll need to search for a dentist that is not only able to provide pediatric services, but is also good with children. You also may want to consider seeking out a dentist that is able to provide dental services for not only your child, but your spouse and you as well. When looking for a dentist that can treat every member of your family, you’ll need to look for a family dentist.

What a Family Dentist Is

A family dentist is a dentist that treats every member of a family. This generally involves ages one and above—sometimes younger.

Why a Family Dental Care Provider?

A family dental care provider is an excellent decision for families that would like to avoid setting up appointments and billing with multiple dentists—as well as getting to know multiple dentists. Family dental care providers also encourage children to have faith in their dentist. If children know that their dentist has also been working with their mom and/or dad, they may be more likely to trust the dentist. This may help a child that has a fear of visiting the dentist, or has had a poor experience with a dentist in the past.

What to Look for in Your Family Dental Care Provider

A family dentist is so much more than a dentist that can work on every member of the family (although this is an extremely important qualification). A good family dental care provider also understands children, and is able to work with children in a way that lessens or eliminates their fear of dental procedures. You’ll want to make sure that your family dental care provider is friendly with your child, and is able to interact well with them to build trust.

As far as qualifications go, you’ll want to make sure that your family dentist is able to perform routine general services like checkups and cleanings, while also being able to treat cavities and perform root canal therapy. You’ll also want to find out how often they work with children, and how much experience they have with pediatric dentistry. Your family dental care provider should be accustomed to working with the specialized needs of children, as well as handling any fear or discomfort that children experience while visiting the dentist.

The right family dental care provider will have a good bedside manner, and will be comfortable with working on children’s teeth.

How to Find a Family Dentist

Finding a family dentist isn’t too difficult, if you know where to look. Your first consideration may be asking friends and family members in the area that have children where their children go, and whether their dentist is a family dentist. You can also contact your insurance company to find family dentists in your area that take your insurance. From there, you can check online to read reviews, and you can choose the perfect family dental care provider for your family.

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