What is Gum Contouring?

If you are looking to change your smile, you do not have to resort to altering your teeth. One effective way to address small teeth, uneven gums or even large gums is with gum contouring. Some dentists refer to this procedure as gum lifting or a cosmetic dentistry technique to reshape your gums.

For some people, smiling without their teeth showing or being conscientious about your teeth is a common daily struggle. If you are self-conscious about your smaller teeth or your uneven gumline, dentists can correct your gum tissue with a one appointment procedure. Most people experience fast healing minimal side effects after the procedure. In fact, most people are more likely to share their toothy, not gummy, grin with the world.

If you suffer from a gummy smile or don’t know what a gummy smile is, take a minute to talk to the dentist about your gum contouring options. You may find that your gums appear to be too big or make your smile crooked due to their overgrowth on some teeth, but you do not have to live with the small, uneven teeth. The dentist can remove the excess tissue, and you can leave with some temporary discomfort and swelling but most importantly, with a noticeably new smile.

Take a minute to talk to the dentist about setting an appointment for a gum contour consultation. If you find that the results are what you are looking to achieve for yourself, the dentist can help you decide if gum contouring is the right choice for you. The dentist will determine if you are healthy enough to undergo the procedure without running the risk of infection or problematic healing after the surgery.

Gummy smiles are common among adults due to genetics or medications; even though some blood pressure medications or families can create this problem for you, you do not have to live with it. In the same way that you do not need to re-landscape your whole yard to change its curb appeal, sometimes a good lawn mowing and weeding can make your yard look fresh again. The dentist typically uses a laser to cut the excess tissue between your tooth and gumline and sets the new gumline with sutures to help healing. Depending on your specific case, you may have swelling and pain the first few days after surgery. But gum tissue is some of the fastest healing tissue on the human body, so you will start to feel back to normal quickly. Just think of the times you ate a piece of pizza too quickly and burned the roof of your mouth; it healed faster that the burn on your hand from taking it out of oven carelessly.

Gummy smiles, small teeth, uneven gumlines, and overgrown gums are not problems you are just burdened with for a lifetime. You and the dentist can work together to talk about the smile you want and take steps to get that smile after an appointment or two.

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