Lynnwood, WA has a Unique and Rich History

The city of Lynnwood, WA is an excellent place to visit, but there’s more to the city than that. Lynnwood actually has a rich history that began centuries ago, and eventually led to the amazing city that it is today.

The Natives

Before Lynnwood, WA was settled by pioneers moving west, it was home to the Snohomish Native Americans. The area was an excellent location for hunting, scavenging and fishing, making it ideal during the summer. Over the winter, the Snohomish would build cedar longhouses to keep them warm, and during the summer they lived in structures that they built from trees. While they didn’t stay in one place long, this region was where they set up camp, hunted and foraged.

The Treaty of Point Elliot

In 1854, the Treaty of Point Elliot was drawn up, giving the natives a reservation to hunt and fish in exchange for the land. Many members of the tribe ended up working the farms and mills, as well as finding employment logging.

A New Town

Settlers began to arrive over the years, and due to logging camps, many trees were cleared out and replaced by cherry and apple trees. Eventually settlers began to establish a community near Scriber Lake, and formed a town called Cedar Valley. From there, a school was built. Loggers began to move into the area looking for work cutting down the trees of Puget Sound, and the area began to grow.

The Seattle-Everett Traction Company

The Seattle-Everett Traction Company built an interurban rail line in 1910 that ran between Seattle and Everett, with many stops along the way. Communities began to build around these stops, with entrepreneurs and developers buying land in the areas around the train stops to build towns.

New Roads

As automobiles became more popular, new roads to connect one area to the next became necessary. In 1924, Highway 99 was planned which was then built over the following years. With the new highway came new opportunities for development…leading to the foundation of a new city.

The Birth of Lynnwood, WA

In 1937, seeing an opportunity for growth along the highway, a realtor named Karl O’Brien began developing the area. He then named the new city after his wife Lynn. Lynnwood was born, and was ready to grow.

Lynnwood Commercial Club

With new neighborhoods came new business opportunities, and in 1946 entrepreneurs created the Lynnwood Commercial Club. From there, the city saw a rise of new businesses, including many shops and even a drive-in movie theater. The economy began to grow rapidly, leading to more and more businesses being built, along with
government institutions to help with education, roads, zoning and more.

Moving Forward

As time went, many major developments took place—including the building of the Alderwood Mall and the city’s convention center. The city continues to grow and develop—which is a testament to Lynnwood, WA’s success, and its likelihood of a bright future.

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